I’m drowning in a sea of beige

Its latex waves crash upon my shores,

Its lifeless waves wash away grains

Of color from my beach

Until all is merged in its sea.

Meant not to offend this

Neutral tint is offensive to me,

It robs me of life giving contrast.

It takes away all

While adding nothing.

Beige is not a color

It is a statement, it says

I shall not offend –

I will not stand out

Except in my sameness.

Any statement with other tints

Is soon covered by

Beige’s relentless tide

And swept away to sea

To die a lonely death.

I cry out for brightness,

For contrast.

But my prayers

Are met with the

Muted silence of beige.


The very word

Offends my senses

And threatens my being

With its muted presence.

This monotone monster

Follows me as

I retreat into my corner,

My refuge, my sanctuary.

But its sameness engulfs me.

Its insidious viscosity

Permeates my body

And my soul.

It overwhelms me

Until at last –

I become BEIGE!