T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.

Ma on her iPad, me on my Kindle, both patiently waiting for old Kris Kringle.
The grandkids were posting selfies with their iPods showing Santa that they were indeed being good.

When all of a sudden, there arouse a load noise and I jumped from my recliner not sure what to do. My wi-fi is down cried my grandchild one. Mine is down too cried grandchild two. What is wi-fi? Cried my wife in her moo-moo.

In a hurry I grabbed my laptop’s mouse and to my chagrin there was a red X where my wi-fi bars had been. Just then on my roof I heard the sound of a ladder. I opened the door and stepped outside to see what was the matter. I looked up and saw Ralph, Santa’s chief technical elf. He looked down at me and said with a smile “Don’t worry my friend, I’ll have things fixed in awhile. “It seems as though your router is broken. Overworked and overloaded.”

Then whistling Noel, techno Ralph went to work and in a thrice he got working each and every device. Now said my new friend “Each of you must now help yourself.” “Update IOS, your systems are a mess. Update, Java, Adobe and Google, and then all the rest.”

Before he left Ralph said “Remember that Christmas is not just about bandwidth received. But rather it’s about the breadth of your caring and love that you give.”

So loading his ladder he started to go. And I heard him proclaim as he went into the night. Log on to Apple, log on to Amazon; log on to Ebay and Overstock too. Happy online shopping to all and to all good night.